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Kommentarer lukket til Sabina Tumanskaya | Last Update: november 26, 2015

IMG_3814It’s very difficult to say something about myself. Therefore I would like to tell you, what the unknown to me man wrote about me, when he visited my Facebook site: “She loves Azerbaijan!”. And it is true. I was born in Azerbaijans capital Baku. I lived several years outside of Azerbaijan, I returned there and began to learn my country, the peoples, who live here and my culture. In during of last 10 years I have worked with the project, where I should promote the history, culture and art of Azerbaijan. My photos should be used in the books and other prints. But one time I would like to do it for my self.I am not professional photograph, I am just a fan of photography. I would like believe, that I could give you the moments and atmosphere, the beauties and individuality of my country, as I see it self.

Here you can see Azerbaijan with help of her camera. For more picture visit her Facebook Group: 

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