For if I do not burn
And if you do not burn
And if we do not burn
who else
is here to dispel the darkness...

Nazim Hikmet



Starting a string of poems Nazim Hikmet, who embody the state of my soul, I want to invite you to this site.Our goal is to spread the Azerbaijani cuisine recipes.There's no cooking recipes from the book, recipes are only transmitted from generation to generation.Everything that you see - cooked my hands and the hands of my friends.Each master its cooking method, so our methods may differ.

The site is dedicated to the memory of my grandmother, Muradalieva Shukyufa Abdul-Manaf gizi (14.04.1917-13.09.2006), which I got our cultural heritage, which I learned to cook, whose recipes and tips, I use today.

I want to say a big thanks to my friends - AyGun (, Hasanova Nailia (Azerbaijan), Ibragimov Gurban (Germany) and Teymurov Siyavush (Azerbaijan). Thank you for the tremendous support and help!

It would be wrong if I would not thanked my favorite and most native aunt,- Elmira Beyuk-Aga qizi Muradalieva for historical materials to the site, as well as for the fact that it transfers sake, it is now possible to see the Azeri version of the site.Allah seni bize choh gormesin!

And yet it would be wrong if I did not thanked my mother - Shargiyu Beyuk-Aga qizi Muradalieva. Without her spiritual and physical support to me and my children would not have been the site.Dear Mom, thank you much!

Finally, I would like to say that the page will be constantly replenished with new recipes.

Please remark, that this page is still under construction. Therfor  visit my friends Farida Sadikhova Buyuran's website about azeri cuisine an English.

Welcome to Azerbaijan!

Best wishes
Gullu Cahangir (Denmark-Sweden)

Azeri food

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