Plov – Rice with accompaniments

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Plov – The king of our celebration tables in Azerbaijan. Plov will be prepared for the special occasionssuch asholidays, family celebrations, etc.If you will invite the guests to visit your home, the dining table may not be without Plov. You will show your respect to your guest with Plov and show guests importance. In contrast to the Uzbek plov, Azerbaijani plov will not be mixed with vegetables, meat and chicken.By pilaf served fried and side dishes. So just come and watch.Better to see once than hear a hundred times!

Rishta plov – Noodle pilaf
Lamb stew with chestnuts and dried fruit
Chicken plov
Lobya Chilo – Bean pilaf
Sweet plov
Parcha doshama – Lamb under rice
Plov with pumpkin


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