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In the original barbecue is called in Azerbaijan Kebab or Shashlyk. The word “Shashlyk” has Turkic roots. In the original, the word sounds like “shishlik.” “Shish” in Azeri means “skewer”. In old Azerbaijani epic Kitabi Dedem Korkut (Book of my grandfather Gorgud) you can read this word very often. But not as Shashlyk, as Shishlik

Two words: “Caucasus” and “barbecue” – a kind of synonyms. You can’t imagine that you are visiting on of the Caucasian places and you will not get served Barbecue. But how to cook Azerbaijani barbecue, you can find in this section.



Lamb kebab
Lulah kebab
Chicken kebab
Tomatoes kebab
Vegetable salad for BBQ


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