How to melt the butter – Ghee recipe


Traditionally, in Azerbaijani cuisine, melted butter is used for cooking. Of course, these days we opt to use vegetable or seed based oils because we are told they are healthier.  However, if I have guests, I will always use melted butter – Ghee for cooking. Here is how I prepare melted butter.

I buy butter and put it in a pot on low heat.

Wait for butter to fully melt. When it happens, turn up medium heat, not more, otherwise it can burn. Melted butter will start to melt but it shouldn’t boil too much. I have 9 heat levels on my cooker. I usually turn heat from level 2 to level 5.

When butter starts to boil, turn the heat level to 2 again.  It should ‘boil’ for few hours. You will notice that the quantity of liquid reduces. It usually takes 2.5-3 hours. Remove from the heat and leave to cool down, preferably over night.

Sometimes butter contains a high quantity of liquid. It gathers on the bottom of the pot. For that reason, it is recommended to make a hole in the cooled down butter with a wooden spoon.

Decant the liquid. If there is no liquid, then the butter you bought did not contain too much of it and it evaporated during the melting process.

Your melted butter is ready. You only need to implement final details in order to be able to use it in the future.

Return the pot on the cooker and melt it again. Once you’ve done it, empty it to storage jars using sieve. This is done because butter contains other ingredients. They will stay on the bottom of the pot and it is important that, when you empty the butter to storage, that sediment is not emptied in the jar too. You can also use muslin cloth.

It is best to store melted butter in the fridge or cold place.

I melted 3.5kg of butter and got 2.7kg of melted butter.

Important note: the more butter you melt the longer it will take.

Nush Olsun! Enjoy your meal!


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