Vegetable salad for BBQ


Aubergines 2 big pieces
Tomatoes  10 pieces
Green pepper 3-4 pieces
Onion 1 pieces
Garlic (Optional)
Salt and pepper

Usually, with meat BBQ, onions (from marinade), barbequed tomatoes, aubergines or potatoes are served (separately). Sometimes I make a warm vegetable salad

Prepare your BBQ by heating the coal to needed temperature (normally coals turn read).

Important: keep salted water near you to use to turn down any sparks of fire.

Make BBQ tomatoes, aubergines and green pepper. Once cooked, dice vegetables very thinly, almost mashed state). With pepper, you’ll have to clean the skin first. Add thinly diced onion. Add chopped herbs and crushed garlic. Mix well, season.  Serve immediately.

Salad has smoky smell which makes it even tastier.

Nush Olsun! Enjoy your meal!


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