Kufta-bozbash (Kufta is translated from Turkic Azeri as round and bozbash as grey head) is one of azerbaijani soups.

500 g mince Beef or Lamb
250 g (2 medium size) diced onion
50 g rice
4 large potatoes (I normally use more as, in this soup, potatoes taste very tasty and I eat more than one. However, one portion contains one kufta and one potato)
at least 4 cherry plums (optional)
half of a tomato or some tomato puree
100 g Chickpeas
Salt and pepper

If you use dried chickpeas, you will have to soak in water over night and half-cook it in the morning. Mix together mince, onion and rice, season. Peel potatoes. If you are using fresh tomato, peel it and finely chop it (you can also use blender – I normally done as I feel lazy to use for half a tomato). Wash cherry plums.

In a pot, boil one litre of water. In the meantime, divide the mince into 4 equal parts, shape into a ball. If using cherry plums, make a whole in each meatball and put a plum in, then reshape the meatballs. The meatballs will be the size of a palm.

Make 4 meatballs. Once water is boiling, but the meatballs in, add peeled potatoes, cherry plums (if you are using them). Reduce the heat to medium. Simmer, skim the foam if any appears – the soup shall be clear. Add 1/4 teaspoon of ginger and chickpeas, cover with the lid and cook for about 30-45 minutes. If I use canned chickpea which is pre-cooked, I add it after 30-45 minutes, before adding tomato.

Check that potato is cooked in 30 minutes. If not, let it cook for another 15 minutes. When potato is cooked, add half a teaspoon of tomato puree or chopped (blended) tomato. Leave to simmer for 15 minutes more. Kufta-bozbash is ready.

If you have dried mint, sprinkle some on top. It is not popular in my house, so I don’t use it. Lavash and pickles are a good supplement to kufta.

Nush Olsun! Enjoy your meal!


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