Lobiya Chilo plov – bean pilaf with fish


This is a favourite pilaf tish. It is usually cooked for celebration of the last Tuesday before Novruz, holiday of spring. It is usually served with salty fish. It can also be served with fried pumpkin pieces, if pumpkin is available. Which means the plov can be served with salty or sweet accompaniment. My mum likes to add sugar on top of her plate of this plov when we make it while I prefer salty version

2 cups of rice
2 cups of haricot or aduki beans
Dried fish to garnish

Soak beans and rice over night. Boil beans in salted water till they are cooked. Empty the water and put aside.
Cook rice in boiling water al dente (see how to make Plov).
Take an empty pot, add some melted butter, add some beans and rice, mix together and spread evenly on the bottom of the pot.

Add some more rice and spread in the pot, then do the same with the beans. Continue alternating layers of rice and beans. The last layer must always be rice. Add some water (2 tbsp) and butter, cover the pot with a lid covered with a tea towel. Leave the rice steam till it’s ready.

When the rice is ready, mixed the rice and beans together. It is ready to be served

For garnish, while rice is steaming, cut the fish into pieces and wash. Boil the fish in a pot for about 15 minutes. Fish should be ready at the same time as plov. Serve everything hot.

Nush Olsun! Enjoy your meal!


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